Steam Bent series by Bae Se Hwa

March 27, 2019 · interior

Drawing inspiration from serenity found in nature, Bae Se Hwa channels a tranquility in his studio practice and works meticulously in solitude. Crafting each individual piece by hand, Se Hwa is a true perfectionist and a contemporary master woodworker. To create the Steam Bent series, the utmost attention to detail and focus is necessary. Starting with a geometric diagram, Se Hwa individually bends hundreds of thin slices of walnut wood over a structured frame. Through this repetitive process, Se Hwa is able to create unexpected silhouettes with subtle curves and elegant line formations. The sculptural quality of his designs give the impression as if one can meditate or lie down. Each unique piece has a rhythm and emotional harmony that reach beyond their functional aspects. Through Se Hwa’s disciplined approach and continual exploration of wood, he is able to push the limits of this material forward.

Bae Se Hwa Steam Bent Series 2010-2019 is on view from March 19 to May 11 at R & Company’s 64 White Street location and runs concurrently with the exhibition The Noble Line – Wanscher + Tenreiro Furniture Masterworks.