Alki – Atal collection

April 7, 2019 · furniture

Form Us With Love and Alki launch a seating collection designed for different types of comfort in a single wooden shell.

During Salone del Mobile 2019, the Atal series sees the first day of light—a sequential Oak wood shell chair series made for different types of comfort—designed by Form Us With Love in collaboration with wood crafting expert, Alki. Built into the Atal series is a reverence for craftsmanship, for strategic thinking and for wood—manifested in single shell shape to create multiple typologies.

‘The Atal chairs are part of a movement to revitalise local craft and industry in the Basque Country. In recent years we have created a geographic foothold that is now a cooperative of local manufacturers who have a stake in Alki and a means to continue sharing their knowledge through the production of furniture for today’s spaces,’ says Peio Uhalde, CEO at Alki.

Atal is a five-chair sequence starting from an A shaped shell and building onwards, one step at a time, adding wooden layers of increased comfort. Designed to follow the characteristics of contemporary chair typologies, the add-on strategy for each chair is material-driven building on Alki’s expertise, celebrating tactility, acting as a showcase of Alki’s—from artisanal and the industrial—repertoire. ‘The shaping of the Atal series was informed by Alki’s uncompromising wood craftsmanship and on the other hand by the activities we see today taking place in multi-use spaces. In the design of Atal, a stripped down functionality is strategically unpacked: mobility, tactility, the need for differences in seating angle, and the urge to sit both concentrated upright and informally slouched are present,’ Jonas Pettersson, CEO at Form Us With Love explains.

Going from one type of seating to another within the same chassis of a shell chair, you establish a connection, a familiarity amongst different types of seating. ‘We wanted to see how far we could stretch the typologies to identify what was possible and Form Us With Love successfully brought a strategic perspective, in creating a range of chairs, barstools and lounge chairs. The brief was originally one design a chair that was affordable, stackable and warm—as a result, we have a whole series with the same characteristics,’ Ander Lizaso, Creative Director at Alki adds.

The oak wood in the Atal series is a blend between the pressed laminate and solid wood, steamed, bent, and turned. The crafted elements in the Atal chairs provide any space and institution with a greater sense of tactility. A lean, light a simple furniture series—easy to move and configure—bringing new life into existing spaces by connecting one area with another, in a visually cohesive expression. ‘The layers we have created are built on solid wood supporting how you use the chairs, based on principles of comfort and the activities we see in the public space. We tried to be as rational as possible without losing the poetry, adding value in every sequence of this typological collection,’ says John Löfgren, creative director at Form Us With Love.

To put one chair across all surfaces may appear cohesive. But actually, today you need to prevent things from becoming too homogeneous, instead, a diverse set of comforts are applied. ‘Today, architects are constantly looking to solve a diversity of spaces, without compromises, and it is evident that Atal speaks to a width of scenarios that need to be catered for,’ Uhalde, CEO at Alki concludes.